MailChimp Bric and GDPR (what else...)

I have built a general signup form for a client on a website and now I have learned she intends to use MailChimp. I thought I could make use of Norm’s MailChimp bric, though I’d need to find out about that action url etc.

MailChimp have just sent out a newsletter rather late in the day saying they are creating new forms that are GDPR compliant and there is a related blog post.

If anybody here is familiar with MailChimp for sending out newsletters I’d be curious to hear any thoughts on the best way forward.

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I just gave that a quick read and it is not written in a clear way unfortunately. They say that the sign-up forms will begin being updated but it’s not clear if you have to do anything.

I use the Mailchimp simple form so I will keep an eye on it to see if it changes.

I gather MailChimp can be quite strict about the rules for signing people up, so I want to make sure that any subscribers are not ruled out on some silly technicality. I’m really surprised they are leaving it so late.