Mailchimp integration problem

Hi all,

@Norm, wonder if you can advise please? (Others welcome to reply as well!)

I have one final problem to solve on my current Blocs project.

At, I have a Blocs form in a modal which I need to integrate with Mailchimp (of which I have no previous knowledge). Have watched a Mailchimp video or two, but not a lot wiser…
I have also installed and tried to use Cazoobi’s Mailchimp signup form, but this seems to have the fields locked, so I appear to be unable to add extra fields to amend this form to suit my customer’s requirements.
As a result, I’ve got into my customer’s Mailchimp account (with his permission!) and attempted(!) to obtain the HTML code I reckoned I needed to make the necessary alterations to the HTML file output on Blocs export.

Got code from Mailchimp, edited my HTML web page, but unfortunately, this takes me not to the ‘success’ page which is the target of the ‘Submit’ button, but to a Mailchimp page which presents their version of the same form.

NOTE that as this site is ‘live’, I have had to reinstate the Blocs form without Mailchimp integration until I solve this problem.

Can you advise if the Cazoobi Mailchimp form can be edited, and if so, how, and where/how do I get the ‘Action URL’ in order to add the form data to my customer’s Mailchimp database?

Can supply the HTML code I got from Mailchimp should you be able to help, although it would appear that it may not be the code I need…

ANY help on this much appreciated.

If you want a simple signup form.
Get the code from Mailchimp.
Go to your page, you can add it in a modal or anywhere on a page. Then just add the code widget.
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Paste the code in the widget. It’s that simple.


Hi @casey1823,

The problem here seems to be that the code copied from Mailchimp, on clicking ‘Submit’ on my form, now takes me to fairly much to same form on Mailchimp… and not to the Downloads page on my site in order to access the downloads.

So far as I can see, there appears no way to edit the Cazoobi 'Mailchimp signup form bric to add fields to the form. Had there been, I might have muddled through, but for now, I remain a bit stuck.

This pre-configured Mailchimp bric seems the obvious option to use, BUT my customer needs the following fields:
First Name
Last name
School name

Thanks for you comments meantime.

Hey @Hawkeye

I do suggest you read the MailChimp documentation. Never know what you will find.

Hi @Malachiman,

I even signed up with Mailchimp myself so I could do just that, and in addition to reading numerous pages there, I have watched several videos at Mailchimp and on YouTube, but remain unable to resolve this problem.
However, days after I sent a request to Mailchimp for support, they have finally responded, and given me a link to a page I haven’t seen previously, so I’m going to work through that tomorrow (it’s after midnight here now!) and see where that gets me. Will update after I’ve done that.

Thanks meantime.

Hello, in your blocsapp form you need to click send to send you to a download window or PDF, if this is the case it can be done quickly in blocsapp with the form that is already available.

just change show message by going to page or url! maybe this can help you!

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Unless you misunderstood …

I’m assuming that was the advance features of Mailchimp.

Hey @nelo, this is about MailChimp, not the Blocs form.

Hi All,

Didn’t get back to it today as planned, but meantime Mailchimp finally (after several days’ wait) responded to the same request for support as placed here, and, to my mind pretty poorly, batted the problem back to me with the advice I should get Blocs to resolve the problem!

Suffice to say that I was already aware that I regularly find more help and good advice on this Forum than anywhere else for blocs problems.

In addition, I won’t, as a matter of future preference, be recommending Mailchimp to anyone either.

If I can’t get this problem resolved here, then I will stick with the existing modal form on my site, with mailing list database additions to be made manually (it’s not like they happen more than one or two a day!).

Meantime, thanks to all who have taken the trouble to respond here. Your efforts are appreciated.

Thanks for your thoughts @Hawkeye,

I have to do some MailChimp integration in the next week. I haven’t used MailChimp for some time.

If I come across something useful for you, I will let you know.

Many thanks, @Malachiman