Make a link to a Bloc on another page

I would like to make a link to a Bloc on another page. According to the article.
But I cannot get it to work.
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you select the link text, then use the right side inspector INTERACTIONS to do what you want…

Make sure the page you are linking to has a NAME, and select in under PAGE…

Try to add the ‘/’ before the URL

Thanks! It didn’t help though.

Are you using the Clean URLs?

I don´t know what you mean by clean URL. But I may have solved it. Haven’t tested it though. I am still a beginner at Blocs, so I made a page and redirected the navigation from the empty page. What I should have done was to add a menu item to the menu. Sounds like this was the problem, and due to my inexperience.

It worked. Actually with a few adjustments I got it to work the way I intended at first too. But that arises the question that that it seems much better to add a menu item than to have an empty page just for the sake of navigation. On the first page I have a Hero bloc with navigation. On the following pages I have a navigation bric in the top global area. In the navigation in the Hero bloc I don´t seem to have the opportunity to add a menu item. Then I am forced to have empty pages just for the sake of navigation.
Anyone who is aware of a solution?


You can easily add as many links as you want. If you have set the source to ‘Primary Menu’, then just use the Menu Manager to do that. If you have set the source to ‘None’, just manually add, duplicate, edit, delete link from the menu.

As far as I can see I cannot administrate the menu/navigation in the Hero bloc in the Menu Manager. Just separate menus.

Here’s my guess: you’re new blocs?

If yes, then menus & links can be very confusing.

First, using any pre-packaged bloc that has menu links in it comes with frustration if you want to change something.

Is this what you are trying to do?

Using pre-packaged menus allows blocs to the do the work for you, but comes with no real customization.

The alternative is to create your own links (using text or labels) and select ‘NONE’ in the inspector as @Eldar described, then use the INTERACTION pane to link the ‘text/label’ to the named pages, or ‘scroll to’ bloc, or to link to an external webpage, as you wish.

Hope that clarifies.

If not, I would highly recommend taking @Eldar Bloc Masters course…it will save you a ton of frustration and time.

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That is actually what I did in Muse. Never used their predefined menus.
This is clearly the problem. I will try your solution.

ah, I was a Muse user to…I had lots of frustration when trying to change to Blocs.

Then I realized, Blocs is not Muse, nothing like, and therefore requires learning Blocs for what Blocs is.

Quickest way to learn is @Eldar free starter course: