Make global Bloc non-global

Hello again (sorry - still learning!),
I’ve inadvertently added a couple of Blocs to the global areas, is there any way to make them as non-global short of redoing them over again?

Hi Trevor,

You can select any bloc and move it up or down.
Just move it inside the dynamic area of any page you want.


P.S. Maybe I have already mentioned it in my previous posts, but if you are new to Blocs, go thought my free Getting Started with Blocs course videos, and it will answer most of your questions like the one you have here.

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Perfect, thanks Eldar. I tried this earlier (which seems the logical thing to do) but it just moved the 3 blocs around within the global areas. Restarted Blocs, and all worked fine.
Yes, I’ve seen your videos, not looked through them all yet, but they’re giving me some great info.

Great! When you move blocs up and down, sometimes the moving requires a couple of clicks.

OK! Let me know if you have any questions about the videos or anything!