Make text disappear by clicking an icon

hello community I need your help, I’m resuming a project and what I need is that by clicking on an icon a text appears but at the same time when clicking another icon another text appears and the previous one disappears, they could help me with that

Hello @IsmaeL,

Check this I made for you.
Is this what you need? I made 3 different icons, and interactions, so you can see what can be done with the accordion.


thank you @Pealco very much I just realized that effect. this is a project

But in your project I think you referring to the tab “Servicios” you didn’t use the icons, as you ask in your first post. You just use the simple accordion.

I guess the simple accordion looks bad but then you would be so kind to support me in this @Pealco

I made some more exemples and the last one not accordion but Tabbed Content.
Check the link again…

I can help if you need no problem…

the idea @Pealco was that on the one side are the icons of the services and on the other side the text, now what it is when you click on the icon the information appears and when you click on another icon show the information of it, I do not know if am I clear