Make use of FontAwesome fonts optional


It seems that Blocs always exports the FontAwesome webfonts and adds the FontAwesome code to the page, even if they are not being used anywhere.

This has an impact on page load and page speed.

My wish:

Make adding FontAwesome an optional user choice. It could be on by default, but for users who want to disable loading FontAwesome there could be a setting in the site settings to disable them.



Only on first load. All further loads are cached.


Do you have the ‘scroll to top button’ option selected? I find it includes fa if that’s on.


Correct. possibly the hamburger menu icon too?. At any rate, my wish for the wish list is still to be able to entirely disable FontAwesome from projects.


OK, looks like the hamburger icon is an inline SVG … no FontAwesome …


OK, so turning off the scroll to top feature does disable loading of the FontAwesome stuff … :+1: