Make user colors available everywhere


big wish for me: at the moment Blocs uses the color picker from the OS… But at the same time I can set and save custom colors. But these custom colors are not available everywhere.

It would be a big time saver to be able to have direct access to my user colors when writing new CSS rules.

This would be most awesome :slight_smile:

At the moment I am writing all hex codes for the user colors I set up in a plain text file, which I keep open solely for the purpose of copying and pasting into the colors fields when writing custom CSS.


I wish no matter what color area you clicked on it would just bring up your project colors. I try and set all my colors before starting on a project. I then click on each color to bring up the color picker and then save each color in the picker. That way no matter where you click for color you have access to your sites color.



#wish-list @norm

Sounds like a good idea for making global colors more present throughout the app.


@norm is the above improved also? Global = Global :wink:


Looking forward to this feature! Not sure if this is possible, but wouldn’t it be cool if Blocs 3 could remember which color swatch we use for each project. :grinning:


Not yet, but it’s still part of the mission going forward.


Whilst there is discussion about colours. It would be a vey welcome addition if there could be an option to use a colour picker that is not the Apple Picker. OSX has a nasty bug that Apple cannot or will not fix that has been going for years which is that the colour picker can corrupt colours after the picker is used. One way to avoid this is to never use the Apple Picker to pick a colour. Once you do use the Apple Picker, all picked colours from then on will be corrupted enough for you to not be able to match colours. The bug is most noticeable on colours in the red range.

This is why many apps do not use the Apple Picker.