Managing local fonts after moving to new Mac

Aaaahhhh … I’m kinda having a nightmare. Just got my new Mac Mini M1. I use mostly local fonts because of DSGVO concerns of my clients in Germany. I have all my local fonts store in one folder on an external SSD Drive.

Just set up my new Mac, connected all my external drives and opened my first Blocs project. None of the local fonts are showing up. Although I am using the same external drive where they were stored on my old mac.

I wish that Blocs could do a Pack n Go export like for Indesign, where you can also export all used local fonts to a folder with all the other asests.

Gonna be a long night …

Yes, there were multiple times for me as well when I wished that ‘Generate Package’ feature would include fonts, custom brics, and other stuff used in a website. But, I do understand why this might be a problem because of licensing and everything.

Try copying across the fonts folder from application support on the old Mac or a backup. That’s where Blocs keeps copies of your local fonts. Blocs on your new computer will expect to find the fonts in that location.

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I would recommend using an Intel Mac as your main development platform and the M1 as a test platform. That’s what I’m doing for the time being. Maybe that’s what you’re doing too. Once all my needed apps and hardware seem to be working properly on the M1, then I’ll attempt to switch platforms.

Good Luck!

When I do a Pack n Go from Indesign a dialog window appears stating “Restrictions applying to copying fonts …”

That’s it …

Wow, Flashman, thanks! I will try that right now!

Make sure it is the fonts folder inside the Blocs 3 or 4 area of the user library application support.

Flashman! Dude! You’re a life saver! Thanks, bud, you just saved me a ton of work … I owe you one :wink:

And all my saved Blocs are back, too :wink: :wink:

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You can see now how Blocs actually stores and references your fonts, which are imported from your original location. All updated font changes are then added or deleted inside that folder. It’s the same for custom blocs etc as well.