Marking sections of text and adding styling

Once again … for me still a big source of frustration: a lot of times if I mark text that wraps to a new line and want to add a “strong” tag, the styling menu/overlay does not appear at all. What makes this even more frustrating is that it doesn’t always happen. The video shows what I’m talking about …

Hi Gary,

On one of my projects using the 3.4b10, the text formatting options sometimes appear above the highlighted text and sometimes it’s above the paragraph section. It seems to appear above the paragraph more if the highlighted text involves multiple lines. I can’t tell if it’s above the paragraph on your video since the top of the paragraph section is not viewable. If the text formatting options appear above the paragraph, they still seem to work for whatever option is selected for the highlighted text.

Do you sometimes not see the formatting options at all on your project?

Hope this helps.


As @pruthe mentions, the formatting options will appear somewhere. However, if you select text that starts and ends in the same line, the styling options will usually be above the selected text. If, your selection spreads over the end of one line into the next line, the formatting options will appear above the selection if your text selection starts before the midpoint of the paragraph width. If your selection starts after the midpoint of the paragraph width and spans more than one line, the formatting options appear at the top-left of the text container. This may well be a bug, but it shouldn’t cause any great problems - I’m sure it will be fixed at some point. Personally, I don’t use those formatting options unless it’s for a whole text box. Coming from an older school of web development, I always wrap text in a span if it’s going to be different than the main body of text. This allows me the opportunity of creating a class to style the spanned text and even give it different colours or fonts. By working this way and assuming the styling options are to be repeated, I can apply the same class to other spans as and when they are created. If I have several different styling options within the same block of text, I simply create classes for each styling option. Of course, creating the span can result in the same issue because you are still selecting text and the wrap in span option is in the formatting bar that appears when text is selected. So, you may still have to locate the formatting options at the top of the text container if necessary.

Thanks guys for your input. I am aware that Blocs sometimes placed the styling options at the very top of the entire container. I did check to see if it was at the top of the container and it was not.

I consider this a bug. If I have a container containing more text than fits on my screen, and mark some text way down at the bottom, it makes absolutely no sense at all to have to scroll back to the top just to apply a span tag. Things can get messy pretty quick.

I do wish these issues would be addressed soon. It really hurts our productivity which means it costs more …

If I’m understanding your desire, if you want to style inline text over two lines or more, for bold & italic can’t you just press CMD + B, or CMD + I for italic…? You can select as much text as you wish using these standard keyboard shortcuts.

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Great Tip Daniel, works great!

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