Marking text as bold, italic etc

Is anybody else having this problem? Blocs seems to behave erratically when trying to mark a text selection bold, italic, etc. Sometimes I select the text but the little blue overlay doesn’t appear.

I have already reported this some time ago and wish it would get fixed. It is so time consuming to have to open a published HTML file and manually add bold tags in an external editor.

See screencast:

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I think this issue arises when you have a large block of text and when you try to select certain bits of the text, like the first words of a paragraph. In those instances, the styling bloc will appear above the text container instead of immediately above the selected text.

I think it would be more practical for long texts, to use the commands instead of waiting for the formatting options to come out, in particular I use the “cmd + b” command a lot, that would save you a lot of work.

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Yes, happens constantly.
Also using hotkeys (the natural way to add actual text content) to use e.g. CMD-B(bold = strong), CMD-I, will convert the entire text block - which is completely unnatural.

When selecting a text chunk via mouse - sometimes the selector shows up, sometimes it doesn’t, needing to click out to another bric then back in until eventually you can do something simple, link add a link, etc. It’s rather frustrating and impacts usability to me in a negative manner.

I probably need to sort if there’s a hotkey for insert link for highlighted text - it’s that bad, and I often am adding links.

I have encountered this quite a few times. Sometimes closing Blocs and reopening helps. I’m on MacOS Sierra still… so I can’t speak to newer MacOS versions whether or not this is a problem for people with higher versions.

Indeed. When selecting a piece of text which “touches” the border of the container the styling bloc appears above the text container. Not sure if this is bug or natural behaviour. I’m sure @Norm will be able to clarify. I’ve send him a bug report as well.

Same on latest Catalina.

Let’s hope that Norm fixes this in a future update. I reported this in another post about a year ago.

Don’t forget you can submit bug reports.

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