Hi there !
I’ve just began to work with Blocs (awesome!) but disappointed on markup.
When exporting an html index, don’t find a way to properly makup as HMTL 5 standards, for e.g : where is it possible to mark etc… (in Blocs, we do just change ID, am I wright?).
Thanks !

PS : as you may see on my screenshot, we’ve got an ID and it’s not a good way to enable HTML…

You can add classes or ID to most elements in Blocs.

If you are looking for html5 (header, footer, aside) elements, those are not utilized in Bootstrap. Actually they aren’t really used all that much honestly. they are a part of the spec, but they really don’t have much advantage over other ways of Markup. That’s why they aren’t included many frameworks I can think of.

:pray: Thanks for replying. The thing is HTML markup is very important for accessibility and SEO too as arch of content. Bootstrap is a tool to build CSS styles and integration parts and not aimed to build main HTML structure, that’s right :upside_down_face:
And having a div with an ID called header is a bad practice, we need to get
Never mind :wink: I’ll do it manually :face_with_raised_eyebrow: