Masonry Container Bric not showing captions correctly

Image1 caption - let’s say “xxx” - showing “xxx” on every image even when their caption is empty.
Let’s say image4 is “yyy” the gallery shows “xxx” from image1 to image3 and “yyy” from image4 to the end.

Has anyone tried?

Just tried it now and this happens if you only fill one caption, but if you fill in the others they each take on their individual captions as expected.

Hi Flashman,
thanks for your reply.
You’re absolutely right. But what, if you want only one caption and leave the others blank?
Then all the others have the same.
You could enter a space in the caption but then you have a black empty caption.

Yes I think this has to be viewed as a bug @Norm

If you don’t want a caption just leave it blank in the side panel then you only see the image.

Unfortunately it doesn’t work this way. When you put a text in only one caption you’ll see it in every caption.

I meant if you leave them all blank no caption will appear. That way you just see the images without that caption area.

That’s right.
But if you want one image with a caption and all others with no caption you see the text all over.

Yes it’s a bug.

OK we got that.
Let’s wait for Norm.
But it’s weekend and he should rest. :beer::beer::beer:

Okay I found it, but how can I remove the gutters completely between images? Blocs rocks :slight_smile:

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I’ve tried a few things but I don’t think that’s possible.

This problem is fixed in 3.0.5.
Just released.

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Thanks for waiting :pray: