Hi, like many people I am looking at Mastodon as a replacement for Elon’s Twitter.

Verifications (Mastodon’s equivalent of blue ticks) are free but you have to include an <a rel=“me” … code on your website then link to it from your account in Mastodon.

Where to put the <a rel=“me” … though? In a header or footer perhaps. Guidance welcome.

If you’d like to follow me on Mastodon (boring UK politics and even more boring cycling ;-)) I am



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Hi Will,

I’m just curious what you don’t like about ‘Elon’s Twitter’? I didn’t notice any big changes in day to day use, and as for the checkmark, I don’t think it’s essential to have it? I have seen many profiles with millions of followers without it.

Just curious.

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@Eldar - I am a huge fan of twitter and excited to see what happens! - love the fact soon we can do more text, don’t want a huge amount more - but always seemed a struggle to get a basic point across!.

The only thing I am not a fan of is the fact anyone can now get the blue tick, so many fake accounts have now popped up and causing issues. Elon wanted to stamp out fake accounts but he has caused thousands more over night and this will continue a trend of people pretending to be sports stars, politicians, actors etc…He will backtrack on this - he is well known for sticking his toes in the water and then taking them back out quick!

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I’ve set up Mastodon as a lifeboat. Not much has changed with Twitter so far but the way Musk is going, laying off thousands of people and with many others quitting, the danger is that the platform will collapse or be changed beyond recognition. Blue ticks are far from essential, but I think having a verified account (as Mastodon is doing) is a good way forward.