Would love to see jquery.matchHeight added to Blocs column elements so that column heights can be equalised in height and also so that buttons under columns of text can be aligned on the same row.

For those not familiar with match height have a look at see


Wouldn’t flexbox be a more lightweight solution?

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You can align buttons using different blocs rows, but you need custom designs to fit the media breakpoints.

You can see the technique here on on the contact section. You can also see my not-so-deliberate mistake in the tablet view.

I’ll fix that at some stage.

Flexbox would be great.

I guess I phrased my question incorrectly. The requirement is to equalise column heights and also equalise sections within columns so that stuff can line up when the content above is not equal in height.

Yes, that was the question I was answering. My suggestion will work in most cases, but it’s not ideal.