Medical supplier website!

Hello guys! I just finish a site for some friends. Would be great to have your feedback

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Great site, very clean!
Maybe take a look on your hero bloc’s text, it is moving all around when responsive. Other than that, nice job.


Thanks a lot! Oh yes I just saw it! Why is this happening?

Clean looking site.
Is there a reason why the site does not translate in FireFox automatically?

No idea, what do you mean? the language? Ah I also have no idea what it mean haha!! Do you know how to fix the responsive problem on the carousel?

Nice and clean design… :+1:t2:

Muchas gracias :slight_smile:

Well done! Great work

thank you so much @Eldar :slight_smile:

Wow, nice design!
May I ask how you put text and logo in or on you carrousel?
I am struggling with that.


Thank you. You can add anything you want on the caption area and customize it with a class. about the logo and menu add a class, call it navigation and give a height of 90 px for example

Then on your carousel create another class and give a negative top margin of -90px. that would work.

Also add this code on the page:

	z-index: 9999;

Hope thats was what you asked :slight_smile:

Looks great. I found a slight error, text in English on this page.

Tap right arrow without inputting a value and it says “this is required”


Thank you so much for pointing this. Forgot About the inputs :slight_smile: