Medusa - Free Shopify alternative

Not heard of this one until today but it may be of interest to others here. Medusa is a free open source alternative to Shopify. It might be something that could work with Blocs sites.


Thank you @Flashman, this is really good. I refuse to support Shopify, due to their supporting many who are undermining Patriots in America.

terrible name though

Any real life experience with this now? :sweat_smile: Can I replace some WP/WooCommerce sites with this? :thinking:

I haven’t actually used it, so nothing more I can tell you really.

They just raised $8 million 2 weeks ago so something must be pretty cool about it. However, I prefer:


@flips If you like the look of Reflow I vaguely recall somebody was close to releasing some custom brics that would work with Blocs.


@Whittfield is the man of the show :shopping:

But we are still waiting for his intervention, he must be very busy

Probably tricky as it’s fairly new and lots of changes/features have been added.

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