Mega Menu ID

As a new user who had already learnt a lot thanks to fellow members, I’ve run Blocs after a few months and am feeling a bit lost but I’m sure I will recall stuff and get to speed.

I have a page with a mega menu that features products (Category A). I now have a new category of products (Category B). I have duplicated the page with the mega menu so I do not have to start from scratch.

The mega menu in the new duplicated page has the same ID: ‘products-mega-menu’. I’m sure that I have to give this new mega menu a new ID e.g. ‘products-mega-menu-b’. How do I do that without it effecting the ID of the original mega menu?

It shouldn’t be possible to have 2 of the same ID on one page. I tried as well and your right it does duplicate the ID as well. I suggest you report this as a bug to @Norm.

Hi @Jerry, I did not duplicate the mega menu on the same page, I duplicated the entire page and have a new page which is identical the original page. I did this to keep the layout consistent but generate a new Category B products page that will have new products under that category.

However, the ID of the mega menu has been retained on the new page. How do I rename this mega menu ID on the new duplicated page whilst retaining the ID of the mega menu on the original page?

What you have discovered pertains to duplication on the same page which is new to me too. Any way to resolve the problem? I can always report the bug to @Norm later.

Just change the ID. It won’t change the original as long as it’s not in a global area.

That makes sense, thanks @Malachiman

That is the challenge I face, my mega menu is in the global area. How do I incorporate a second and different mega menu?

Is there any way I can incorporate 2 mega menus in the global area and then hide one or the other on particular pages whilst still maintaining the ‘toggle visibility’ feature?

I guess I could remove the mega-menu out of the global area and repeat it on every product page. However, lets say I have 50 product pages and needed to add an item - that would translate to making the same change across 51 mega-menus just to add one item.

Taking the mega-menu out of the global area means that I can customise the mega-menu for a different category of goods but managing this would be quite monotonous.

Any way around this? - If the mega-menus could be based on templates that would be excellent. Making a change to one or more templates would reflect across all pages instantly.

Another feature that would be nice is to be able to duplicate an item/bloc to multiple pages and in the correct position.

It would be nice if a bloc and its contents (not in a global area) can be defined as a ‘master bloc’ such that when the master is altered the change is reflected across all pages where that bloc with the same ID appears. It would be a huge time saver.

Hoping @Norm can look into this and introduce it as a new feature.

Managed to solve the problem by removing the mega-menu out of the navigation global area. The downside to this approach is that all my product pages need a copy of the mega menu bloc. Furthermore, any change needed in the mega menu entails a repetitive and time consuming task of making the same change across all the product pages.

If anyone has a better way around this to save time - please share it.