Members bric not working - cannot register/missing user asset

I wonder if anyone can help. I’ve purchased this twice now to see if I can get it going, but I am still struggling im afraid.

I have followed the instructions found in the Zip folder which tells me to create a ‘members’ folder in my server and place the exported blocs files in there.

I can navigate to that folder online and see the login/registration page but when I go to register it throws an Error 500 (screen shot)

Working BLOCS file:

When I open the example Blocs file that came with the zip folder, the project wants to update, I am running BLOCS 3.4.2 – so I update it and it shows that I have a missing asset ‘users’, I try to navigate to find it but cannot find it. I suspect this is why it wont allow me to register and throw an error but I don’t know what to do to make it work? Can anyone help please?

Not many people here will have that bric, so I suggest you contact the developer for help. I gather this is Blocs Bakery made by Michael Frankland, who also makes @pulsecms

Many thanks. I did that yesterday too, but have done it before when I couldn’t get the first one to work and then bought a second one just in case, but never heard anything back