Menu appearing on scroll

Hi guys, I did a website one year ago,
I’m out from webdesigner with blocs and I’m a bit rusty :slight_smile:
i’ don’t remember how I did the menu appearing on scroll as you can see in the link.
anyone could help me?
i have the blocs file, but I can’t find the solution :sweat_smile:
tx in advance

Hi, I don’t understand your request? do you want to know how it’s done or you don’t want the menu to appear at the scroll? because I advise you to keep this menu that appears at the scroll in case you want to delete it

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Here’s your easy solution:


Thank @Jerry !

This project is screaming perfect for Smart Nav!


i’d like to know how it’s done. i want for a new project menu to appear when i scroll down the page.

I think you have used the hero bloc with sticky nav enabled.

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Actually, @davideakadudu

You will find a script you got from me (probably via the forum) that replaces the logo.

Check the project footer for the script.

Thats how we did it in the old days before @Whittfield Smart Nav Bric :smiley: Get the Bric!

the bric from @Whittfield is awesome, but a little bit expensive for me right now. :sweat_smile:
as soon as I’ll finish my next project I’ll buy it

Not sure what you charge per hour but I can’t build a fully responsive Navbar in a time slot that is the equivalent of $25. This awesome Bric from @Whittfield should be a “no-brainer”.


Hi @Whittfield I’ve just bought your brick. I’m looking for the option I was searching for:
I’d like my navigation is hide when I go on my homepage, and it reveals when I scroll down the page. is It possible to do that with your brick? tx in advance

Hi @davideakadudu,

You want the nav completely hidden when the page loads and show when the page scrolls? That’s the opposite of what Smart Nav does.

Smart Nav can hide the navbar when the user scrolls down and show it when user either scrolls up, or the mouse approaches the top of the screen (hover intent). This is conventional behavior in my experience. The user gets more viewport to see and appreciate your content. It’s assumed that if they scroll back or move their mouse near the top of the browser window, they are looking for navigation.

You can also set the navbar as transparent when overlays the hero and whatever color you want when it’s not over the hero.

Are you able to share some sites that are using your use case? Maybe that could help me understand how this would benefit Smart Nav users.

Thanks for your support!

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I just took a look at you site. here’s what I think would make a great experience for your visitors.

Remember always try new things on a backup copy of your site first.

  1. You will remove your current nav from the hero area. You then use Smart Nav with the transparency option to achieve the same look you have now, except “smarter”.

  2. Give the hero section the proper class (see the docs).

  3. Set the background, border and font colors to your liking.

That’s, see the screenshot below.


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tx for your reply, can I ask you to make a little video to show me how to do from scratch?
it would be awesome and I think it would be useful for all other users bought your tool

this is what my client asked me @Whittfield