Menu behaviour

Hi Guys

@Eldar really enjoying your lessons at present, really helping me and @Norm many thanks for Blocs !!! it (999.4 KB)

below is the link:

I have a site which I have attached along with the actual bloc source file, all my menus across the board are behaving correctly except the ‘renovations’ page. As you can see the menu is sitting to the left, the menu is exactly the same as the others. Any suggestions or feedback would be great.

Hi John,

I am glad that you find my courses helpful! :slight_smile:

I did examine your blocs project file, and it looks like the problem is caused by the code you have added via the Page Settings. I tried to delete it, and everything shows perfectly.

I am not good at coding, so I don’t know what exactly is wrong with it, but if you move the code to before doctype, it looks to solve the problem. Not sure if the code will work then. Maybe someone with more technical coding skills could advice you better.


Hi @Eldar

Ah, many thanks for this, not a coder myself but trying to understand elements of it, many thanks for this I thought it would of been something I did and forgot about :smirk:

Im currently learning how to create tidy text flow so it flows nicely in different views which can be trial and error

many thanks for your time and expertise