Menu Glitches

I’m having a bad morning

The menu menu isn’t working at all - can not select it it in the inspector via Data, only via Window > Menu Manager

The contents of the menu bar do not reflect the menu manager list no matter what I do.

I used a custom class to get hover activated drop down menus as detailed here:

Could that have screwed it up?

I am under a lot of time pressure to get this website live and am about ready to give up

Hi Aaron @Highlander

I understand you are having trouble with the menu. Not sure what the inspector via Data is but can already tell you that the menu items within the nav bar cannot be selected through the Menu Manager.

I also see duplicate items… the only way to help you here is to see the blocs file. If you wish you can PM it to me and I would be happy to have a look.


I deleted the whole header block and started again - seems to be working again now - sorry, I’m just under a lot of pressure

Hi Aaron @Highlander

No problem. Just note that you can simply re-order the items from the left hand side tree (dragging up and down) as well as duplicate and delete. Just make sure you save often.


Aye - none of that was working right - but fresh start with that block has cleared the issue


Probably the best to do when under pressure. Good luck.