Menu & Hamburger missing on old devices only

Hi Forum
I’ve finally got my art website launched and am shaking out some wrinkles.
I’ve looked at it with my MacBook os10.12.6, newer iPad, older iPhone SE and tried a few browsers. I’m very happy!
However when looking at it with an ancient iPad 1, there is no menu or hamburger. Ha ha, yes this pre-camera model still works perfectly even the battery! (made when Jobs was running the show).
Q. When can I expect older computers and such to not work with modern sites like blocs?
thanks Barry

I’m assuming your using Blocs 3. Which uses Bootstrap 4 framework. Not sure what the minimum iOS version is supported but you will probably find a bunch of bootstrap 4 stuff that may not work as expected. The Way navigation works changed between bootstrap 3 to 4.

(Edit: iOS 8 could be the minimum? Someone else may be able to confirm)

Thanks for your reply Malachiman.
I was guessing it might be bootstrap 4.
After your reply I searched to see when 4 may have become popular and was surprised to learn according to Wiki that bs4 wasn’t fully released until Jan 18, 2018.
It also said that on Jan 31, 2012 bs2 had a major upgrade that made it responsive. Some of my software is definitely older than 2018 so perhaps somewhere between 2012 and 2018 it should be good.
cheers Barry

Among other CSS improvements Bootstrap 4 uses Flexbox instead of floats and such things.

IOS Safari and Chrome for IOS in the early days had very buggy and limited support of Flexbox and it was the old Flexbox spec anyway. The current Flexbox is considered standard, it’s supported by every major browser.

Known Issues

Most partial support refers to supporting an older version of the specification or an older syntax.

  1. Only supports the old flexbox specification and does not support wrapping.
  2. Only supports the 2012 syntax
  3. Does not support flex-wrap, flex-flow or align-content properties
  4. Partial support is due to large amount of bugs present
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Thanks for that bootstrap info.
With so many generations of computers, browsers, os and bootstrap iterations out as well as what options one used in a Blocs project, it must be impossible to predict who might view a brand new site perfectly.
I wonder what experienced users would guestimate? 80%?

I think it would depend to a certain extent on your target audience but probably better these days because browsers like Chrome update automatically. I have an ancient iMac from 2007 that will only run El Capitan, however it has no problems running the latest versions of Chrome or Firefox. Ironically that is not the case with Safari I don’t think.

Thanks Flashman. Makes sense.

Well one major happy face :smiley: I have is that I sold a big giclee print from my new Blocs site the very next day after launching! So cool and a great testament for the power of Blocs.


Well done, that is an excellent start.