Menu Items interfere with logo

I remember this topic was on the old forum, but I can’t find it here… in case I’m not using the correct key words I’m sorry…

If I have a logo (with or without text) and many menu items, they seem to overlay the logo at a certain breakpoint or go above and below the logo. Has someone meanwhile found an easy solution for that, so the menu items will simply go below the logo on screens between desktop and mobile sizes?

Use the toggle menu on mobile and tablet.


A suggestion was presented in this similar previous thread: [Navigation Items Overlap Logo] ( Regarding allowing the user to set a custom breakpoint solely for the navbar. It appears to never have been responded upon, but still seems like a valid and viable suggestion for this navbar overlap occurrence.

@Blocs_User This is still on my radar, it’s just somthing that’s part of a bigger picture.

thanks Norm, toggle for tablet is a solution for now…

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