Menu items with space?

something i’ve never had to think about before, but Blocs’ idiosyncrasies strike again! How the hell do do I put a space (single letter-space) in a menu item lol?

Edit the menu item via menu manager and use the spacebar?

sorry, didn’t think of the MM yet. Haven’t styled any so far.

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it does not work for me in the menu manager!

Should work, does for me. You have to edit the title.
Select Menu Manager
Edit the title
You may have to change the source to none and then switch it back to Primary Menu, there is a bug in the current menu manager, and this is a workaround.

still does not work. where can i change the source to none?

Make sure you have the menu selected
then on the sidebar (data, source).

THANK YOU! finally i made it, but not with the menu manager (it still not worked). i changed the label. now ia have space in the menu. thx again!