Menu manager

the Menu Manager has big problems.
When you add new menu items, such as dividers, submenus, new pages, the Menu Manager “does not remember”. New items are lost, or recorded in half, however incorrectly. In short, it is not able to record the changes you make to it.

The bug is big and serious: in a site with dozens of pages, the menu is an essential thing.

(I’m using the latest version of Blocs, 3.1.1.)

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Every time I try to update a site’s Menu, I’m forced into these stunts:

  • I register a new version of the project;
  • I open it with BBEdit;
  • I look for the menu items;
  • I try to understand the code, and how to change it in the correct version;
  • save, and reopen the project with Blocs.

Half the time the trick works, the other half doesn’t. :-((

You can’t go on like this…

Could you upload some screen shots of the issues please. Are the menus in your site not reflecting those you have setup in the menu manager?

Ok, I try on an older version of a project, wait…

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That’s correct!

Ok when I try this with a fresh project it works fine.

Could you send me this project please via the forums direct messages

Ok, but the original file with only 3 items doesn’t exist anymore. I’ll send the ultimate project: it’s the same file, but after 2 days of refreshing works. (The problem persists, if I try to add/change something.)

Where can I report the other Blocs3 issues I’ve found?

Where are “forums direct messages”?! :sweat_smile:

Well, I’ll use this:

Ok, sent.
Let me know.

I dont have it??

It may be best to send me a link to download it form icloud or dropbox.

Norm, please contact me via this famous “forums direct messages”, I didn’t find them! :sweat_smile:
Then I’ll send a dropbox link privately. (I don’t want to publish any email here.)

The system tells me it was sent. :thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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