Menu on all pages always on top?

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Some weeks ago I ended with the test period and watching tutorials I saw, that a menu is mostly in the header area. I want to avoid this sometime so the menu is on one side instead, like at : or the site from “Steinmetz Bernhard Binder” from Germany - as these sites are build with Muse from Adobe, I need to recreate these sites and some more of course.
The 2nd question is about if the menu really has to be at the same spot with “blocs” as the same tutorial says, or is it possible to use a complete different menu appearance on the landing page and a quite “normal” place on following pages like on: ?
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Without the chance to get proper support for my questions either from the forum membersm which do that in their sparetime nor the founder of blocs, blocs will not be “my” webdesign tool, sorry.

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Menus do not have to be in the global area - they can be placed anywhere. Furthermore, you can set up different menus on each page if that’s what you want. On the second example site you linked to in your post, the home page has a graphical menu. This is basically a set of image links and would be very easy to create in Blocs. Subsequent pages have a more conventional menu - again, easy to create in Blocs.

I was unable to open the first example site as the link doesn’t appear to be working. Maybe you could post an alternative link so we can see what it is you’re trying to create.

Hello Hendon52,
thanks for getting back on this, I mssed it, to reply in time to your post-sorry.
The link to my first example was really kind of unreachable for some reason and misspelling:

should be good to reach now. Thanks again for your reply.
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The menu in that example is a simple option to recreate. It’s basically a two column bloc with a set of text links on the left of the page. If you want this menu on every page of your site. Simply create it on one page and then use it as a sort of template for each page of your site. You do this by adding a new page and specifying that the new page should be a duplicate. You will then have the option of selecting the menu page and creating a new page with the menu already in place.

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