Menu on multipage site?

I have made a multipage site. There are 5 menu items. On the home site, the menu is working perfect.
When i go to second page and i choose a menu point nothing happens? Yes if i use interactions type Navigate to page - Page Home, this item is working. But when i use interactions type Navigate to URL - URL #contact as example noting happens. What settings are needed to make the menu items work on the second page?

This all depends on how your navigation is set up. If you are using a navigation bloc and you want it to be the same on every page, place the navigation bloc in the top global area. This will automatically show on every page of the site and every page will work the same.

If you have used a hero bloc, it will contain it’s own navigation and should be placed in the dynamic area of the home page. When you add additional pages, those pages will not have any navigation, so you should add a navigation bloc to each additional page. However, don’t place the navigation bloc in the global area - place it in the dynamic area and ensure the navigation is placed on every page.

Each menu within the navigation blocs should be set to use the primary menu as its source. This will ensure that all the links will work correctly on every page.

I have used a navigation bloc. So its the same menu on every page. But not every menu item is working …?

I suggest you remove the navigation bloc from the global area and then add it back again - I may be just a glitch. Certainly, if you add a navigation bloc to the global area, it will update the links and page names automatically if the data source is set to Primary Menu.