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Hi. I have tried to put the nav bar on desktop view a little bit down. A few pixels …so it es closer on the bottom from the header. I don’t can find a class for this. I tried to do it with the hamburger menu … there I found a class ui-navbar-toggle ( I think that was it :blush:but this class don’t do anything at the normal menu on desktop ?! And a custom class on the menu don’t do anything. Only when I put a class on the button ( no primary menu ) that can put the buttons a little bit down …but! Than I have in the hamburger menu a lot space between the buttons ( full size menu ) any ideas ?
Thanks a lot for your help. Great forum

Hamburger menu:
Did you try the padding/margins and did you actually preview it in the browser? I found that the preview does not work in showing the mobile menu properly all the time. You should notice your changes when opening your changes in a new browser. Be sure to Clear the cache too first.
You should be able to target the desktop menu in the same way but not with the toggle menu.

Maybe someone else can chime in here who has had the need to tweak the desktop menu. To explain the process better. Eldar…Master Blocs ?

Hi @HMM Thanks for the tipp … looks good in Browser …thanks

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Glad you got it to work. It’s frustrating when you think you are doing something wrong…glad it worked. Little things can really drive you crazy…:+1::grinning: