Menu toggle visibility

Hello there. How can I give toggle visibility on an item in the menu?


I want to toggle visibility of a div when mouse comes over to an item in the menu.

You have to add an menu item, which is not managed with the menu manager, and then toggle the visibility like @Eldar explained it in this video

I’m struggling to think what this could be used for… …err what are you hiding on menu mouseover?

I’m trying to make a mega menu.

Is a “mega menu” a good idea? Why is it needed and what happens on mobile?


I am looking forward to check what you are building!
I always like when people get creative with elements like menus.

It is not a ‘mega menu’, but you can check this website built by @mackyangeles. It has some unique looking menu, which uses the visibility feature of Blocs.



The kind of menu in Eldar’s link to mackyangeles’ site is far preferable to the old fashioned drop-down menus we know so well. They work on mobile, they don’t need precise motor control to discover options.

I think that with any menu, a mega array of options is bad for usability. Humans like to pick from a restricted set of options rather than be swamped with choice.

See specifically “Provide limited options”