Menu with links and submenus

Question … how can I have a menu item that is linkable and contains a sub-menu?
Example: in the image I would like the “WEB” to be linkable and a submenu window would open
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I have the same question

It’s not a particularly good option in the modern world of the web. For your requirement to be accommodated, the dropdown menu would have to be activated with a hover function. This would allow the dropdown to display and then give the user the option of clicking the main link or clicking one of the sub-menu links. This is a hangover from the old days of the web when all we had was a desktop/laptop and a mouse and is a little impractical for todays website users, especially if they are using touch screen devices (about 60% do). Unfortunately, touch screen devices do not yet recognise a finger hover therefore, the user would have to click the link. This would create a little confusion for the device because it wouldn’t know whether to go to the main link page or open the dropdown.

The best thing is to start thinking a little more intuitively when constructing menus and page links. Better to start thinking in terms of tablet or smartphone users. In many respects, dropdown menus are becoming a thing of the past because the links can get quite small and difficult to target with stubby fingers. If you really can’t live without a traditional dropdown menu, just name the top level link something other than the page you want associated with it, and add the actual page link as the first item on the dropdown. At least by doing this, it will work for desktop/laptop users and mobile users alike.

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