Meta title, page name, label in navigation

So I figured out that the “page name” is the name of the HTML file, and the meta title is what is displayed in the browser tab. But what I don’t really understand: I added meta titles to pages and the link label in the navigation also took on the text entered in the meta title.

For example: I made a page named “portfolio”. So in the page name, meta title, and navigation link the word “portfolio” appeared. Now I went back and changed the meta title to “Graffiti artist Oliver designs murals, and large wall paintings”. And this is also now what appears in the top navigation.

Now I have to go back and change the name of the navigation link label back to “Portfolio”. What am I doing wrong?

You should switch the menu from Primary Menu to None (illustrated below). This will allow you to enter custom labels for your links. The SEO title in page properties will then be the tab description and the page name will be the HTML page name


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thanks but I already did this when I set up my project …