Microsoft Edge browser

Anyone had any experience yet with Microsoft’s newest Edge browser? I sure hope it’s (a LOT) better than IE. My main concern is that it displays my websites the way I’ve intended just as the other main browsers do. I see it only represents about 3% of the browser use market and is only available for Windows 10. That being said, clearly we website developers need to make sure our websites function properly when viewed using this new browser.

It’s not too bad in terms of displaying websites accurately. Generally much better than IE.

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It’s not a browser I’ll be losing any sleep over.

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@pauland, thanks for your input. I feel the same way but a new client has asked me for assurance that the new website I’ll be designing for him will work on his Edge browser. So all personal preferences aside, I need to do my due diligence in researching this.

Thanks @Flashman

Generally browsers are pretty good these days and Edge was always designed to put the horrible past of IE (and in particular IE6) behind microsoft.

I think it’s not so much a question of whether blocsapp plays well with edge as does bootstrap play well with edge, and then it’s really about how well does Edge support modern HTML 5 and CSS.

There used to be horror stories about IE6 all the time but I don’t see those same difficulties with Edge.

I see this as also a case of educating your client. The market leader by far is Chrome, Firefox and Safari. So your client needs to understand that the browser they are using is not the browser that virtually everyone else is using, even if they use Windows 10.

It’s not a question of expecting issues, but of showing that Edge is not going to be a significant issue.

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I tried my sites on Edge for mobile.
No Issues.

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@pauland and @Bootsie, thanks for the posts.