Migrating Tips (Share)

Migrating a Blocs 2 site to the new Blocs 3 can cause some problems. As you know Blocs 3 uses bootstrap 4.

I’ve successfully migrated 3 of my websites and I’ve learned a few thing I’d like to pass on.

1.Norm already laid out the process for backing up/testing migrating sites.

  1. Once you migrate a site and start to work adjusting the column sizes on the 4 break points start with the mobile breakpoint first. As Eldar has talked about in his new videos bootstrap 4 is mobile first.

  2. Simple problems like text and padding using exsiting classes can easily be adjusted by either adjusting the current class or deleting and making a new class.

  3. Some areas that I’ve had a little more problems with are navigation and areas that I’ve used a lot of classes. (3 column footers, or two column forms)

I’ve stopped trying to fix these area as sometimes its just easier to recreate them. (What start over! No No)
It’s not as hard as some might think.

  1. Duplicate the problem bloc. (you don’t want to work on the original bloc)
  2. Add a new bloc above/below the one you just created
  3. Now you have options. Either drag elements from the duplicate blocs (if the items do not have a lot of classes) in to the new Bloc or add the the same elements and copy and paste text, add the assets.

I’ve actually found this solves some problems and is really faster that try to figure out how to fix an area.

If any other uses have any migrating tips please reply to this post.



Thanks for sharing!!

I’m sure you might have a few simple (magical) tips.:grinning:


Yeah, I will do ‘The best Blocs tip of the month’ on my blog soon! :slight_smile:

As for migrating tools, it’s better not to ask me this question! )) As you know, I just decided to rebuild 30 of my templates from scratch. :exploding_head: I guess I just like using Blocs 3 so much.