Mini Menu

Hi there

Am currently rewriting my website using Blocs (for the first time) and almost ready to go live but have a niggling issue. My nav menu when viewed on an iPad is overlapping my company logo. On the iPhone preview it automatically changes to a minimised menu, is there a way I can tell Blocs to use the mini menu when in iPad view?

Would be great to get that sorted so I can upload and then drink in peace over Christmas!

Many thanks


You can change the appearance menu. Set the toggle to Tablet and Mobile only. You can also have change the toggle to all and have the small menu displayed across all mediums.

Please Note:

That this feature is in the Beta Version 2.3 which is the next release. It should be released as an actual update soon for 2.2. You can download the 2.3 Beta here if desired:

Make a copy of your work, just in case something goes wrong (since you are “ready to go live”).

Thanks @Blocs_User I just assumed they were using the latest update. Great catch…


Thanks for that, will give it a go