Minimalistic website for a book

Hello everyone,

here’s a very minimalistic website I built to accompany a book that’s coming out this week. It’s not adapted to mobile yet.

What do you think?

Any feedback appreciated,


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In the absence of a link I would have to say that is the most minimalistic design I have ever seen or perhaps not seen :wink:


Indeed! That’s pure minimalism.

Here you go:

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2 big hearts going out to you! :heart: :heart:

Top! Sehr schön!

The only thing I would critizize is your Datensachutzerklärung & Impressum are really well hidden. I have to scroll below the hero visual at 1920x1080 resolution to see the links …
This could cause problems :wink:

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Looks good but I have a question. Does the website really use cookies?

If it is a simple static site (which it looks like) I can’t see how it could be using cookies and thus require a cookie banner?

Thanks a lot everyone!

@ gary: That’s a valid point, I tried to hide them a bit less, would it be okay like this or would you put them up with the other links?

@ brent: Good question, I believe the Google Font alone (it’s Josefin Slab) needs Cookies. If I could do without the banner, that would be great of course.

I have now tried to implement a mobile version (more or less), any feedback very welcome!

Great work! I like minimalistic websites! :+1:

Excellent. I agree about the footer being below the fold.

The vibe of the opening page is white/grey very minimalistic, so I would have liked to see the book page background be sympathetic to that and perhaps a B&W image of the author too.

The image of the book itself really needs to be done again - it lets the whole site down.

I think it’s lovely! I actually love the minimalism approach. Good job!

Thanks again for your input!

@ Pauland: Would you narrow the hero bloc, so the footer is visible on an average screen?

I could change the book page background and the author image to black and white to harmonise the look - the book cover is what it is I’m afraid – it’s the way the book cover looks like and that image is provided by the publisher. I’m still looking for ways to incorporate that into the minimalistic look of the site. If you have ideas, I’m happy to try them.

Looking at the Hero Bloc it would be nice to see the footer since there’s nothing else to scroll for. Naturally, everyones display is a different size, so on other screens it will be fine. A sticky footer might be the solution.

I don’t mean the design of the cover but the representation of a book - it’s a bit off.

@SimpleText I was curious about Google Fonts and cookies so I did some digging.

From Google Fonts Privacy:

No cookies are sent by website visitors to the Google Fonts API.

I also double-checked my own static site built with Blocs / Google Fonts and no cookies were stored on my machine.

I personally don’t want to give visitors to my site the impression I am tracking them so I would not ask for cookie consent unless my site actually uses cookies! :smiley:

Note: it is possible that your CMS system could be using cookies so I guess it is good to double-check.


I believe the fonts pass the IP number to Google and this breaches GDPR. It’s just better to self host the fonts.

Hi @SimpleText
Nice Website! When I watch the site on a small phone the heading is a little bit to big …


Just a heads up: it appears that your cookie consent banner is not working. I would check into that, we know how those German lawyers are :wink: