Minor glitch on light box option

I’m unable to close the light box- it freezes the program and only way to get out of this screen is to quit the app. However, when previewed in browser (Safari) it seems to work okay. If I click elsewhere on the screen it closes (in all views from desk-to-mobile).

Second glitch-- another light box on same page (different bloc) --selecting the X closes it, but directional arrows appear and it links to a gallery in the next bloc-- kind of cool, but not what I expected. renaming the id on the alternate image from gallery-1 to gallery-2 seemed to fix this, but not sure what I’m doing wrong here with the light boxes. Because when I tried to solve the initial problem of light box not closing by renaming all the alternate lightboxes from gallery-1 to gallery-1a, gallery-1b then none of them would close.