Missing Assets AGAIN!


One last question, do they get removed from the folder on adding to the asset manager, or later when you export them to a project? Make that two questions, do they appear in the trash folder?


At what point do the images go missing? Are you able to create a new project add an image and locate the point when the asset goes missing from its original location?


I appreciate it’s frustrating but this is not wide spread, I think it’s something with your machine or set up, I’m just trying to get as much info as possible so I can try and replicate it.


I just went into the exported files, the img folder, and took all those pictures and put them back into the local folder.

As you can see, now they are back.

I’m having the same problem with another project that I created for a friend.

I’m going to try to recreate it with a new project. Give me a day or two to try to recreate this and I’ll write down every step I take.


I don’t know if they are removed when I upload them into Asset Manager or when they are exported.

I’ll create a new project go write down each step.


This isn’t ideal, but might help until the answer is found. Before adding the images to the asset manager make a copy of the images to a separate folder. Then when you hit the issue of the files disappearing copy them back in to the folder used by the asset manager. At least that way the images will be present and usable by the asset manager.

It would also be interesting to see if these then disappear when used.


What version of MacOS are you running?

The only time those assets are touched by Blocs is when you export, they are copied from one location to the export img folder. They don’t get moved just copied. It may be a system prefs or privileges issue.


Btw just create a basic project with a bunch of images, I think you will be able to get the point when the images are going missing by just exporting, I think it’s happening then.



And I am creating a test project. So far I cannot get it to replicate. I don’t understand what I can be doing wrong.



Maybe you just deleted the images by mistake thinking they we actually embedded into the project, or maybe some kind of iCloud /device sync is doing it as it’s the pictures directory they are stored in.

Keep an eye on it, if you come up with anything it has my full attention.


Nope. I don’t delete anything. I’m very careful.

I cannot recreate the problem. I’m sorry, but I’m not making this stuff up.


Both these projects were created with older versions of Blocs. Could that be the problem?

Could the FTP software be removing the images? I use Yummy FTP Pro.


I wouldn’t have thought the ftp client would be the issue as the exported project for upload is a separate directory and self contained. So the original files should not be touched by the ftp client. Plus if it did remove the files, I would have expected all files to go and not just the images.


I don’t think project age would effect this.

I totally believe you, Im just not 100% sure it’s Blocs that’s doing it. Regarding assets, Blocs uses a call provided by MacOS SDK to copy elements from X to Y. At no point does Blocs make any attempt to tidy, organise, rename or remove the originals. So it could be a MacOS bug or some other app that’s doing it.

If you get any more info on this, let me know.


I’m not sure why this issue is being raised over and over again. Can we mark this as User Issue not the app. I suggest, before creating a Blocs site do a folder that named “Materials” then placed all images there (you can add folders if you want to categorized it INSIDE “Materials” FOLDER). When starting a Blocs site you can get the images/assets on a single folder (“Materials”) and that’s it no more random issues inregards to Missing Assets haha That simple :slight_smile:


@mackyangeles This is exactly what I do for all of my Blocs sites!


@Eldar HAHA same here! Safe to say that all Files and Assets are SAFE :slight_smile:


I agree! Let’s move on about this. I’ve been using Blocs from the beginning and have never had any problems with mising assets. I use a similar method as @mackyangeles



I’ll keep track of what happens as I update the two websites I manage and report back.


I do have a specific folder for my assets.

I am not the only one who has had this problem in the past.


If the post is not relevant to you, just don’t open it.

It’s that simple.


I keep having the same problem with ‘not showing’ assets and ‘not showing’ image’s in Blocs. But previewing the page in a browsers shows all images.

Even @mackyangeles way of organising doesn’t help. It is very clear that Blocs is not very flexible when it comes to organising, but keeping all assets in one map is not the solution.

  • I reinstalled Blocs
  • Renamed files
  • Started different projects

But every now and the Blocs goes berserk and there is no other option than rebuilding the project. Even after I delete all assets from the manager.
And there’s an other annoying bug. When you delete an image from the manager and you add the same image again it tells you it’s already in the project. But I’ve just delete it.

@Norm, I really like the app, but need a good and working solution for the ‘missing assets’. Could you help me?

Thanks, Mark.