Missing assets - keeps coming up

Hi team,

I keep getting this come up each time i open my blocs file, doesn’t matter what i do, it just keeps coming back, but only on this project. any thoughts on how i can sort this out?

Have you tried to delete all? It looks like you have the same file(s) multiple times attached which could cause errors.

How do i delete all of them, i have no idea where they are in the project, apart from the last one card designer, i only have that on one page.

Check Project Attachments under Project Settings.

You will find multiple listings there. You should be able to remove all but leave one entry.

From memory, this was a bug that was fixed a while ago.

Oh that’s useful to know, will do.

You say fixed, I’m using the most up to date version, so not quite sure why it’s happening still. But you’ve given me a different thing to try.

Nice one, I’ll give it a go in the morning.

Many thanks all

interestingly, none of the ‘missing assets’ are in the ‘project attachments’ in Project settings. there are things in there, but no multiple entries. what does mresize.js refer to and perhaps i can narrow it down from there?

sorry i dont know too much in depth

I think it’s part of Card Designer.