Missing Assets on every launch

Since I started on my practice site, I have never launched Blocs without having to relocate assets, including the logo. Every single time. Starting to become very concerned. v5.0.6 MacPro desktop, current OS.

I am using the embedded assets feature on 99% of my projects, and I never have to worry about things like that. Is there a reason you are not utilizing this feature?

Yes, the commercial sites I need to rebuild are very heavy on photos. I noticed on a practice site that when I embedded just a few photos, the site file increased in size very quickly. I’m concerned that with as many photos as I need, the site files may become unmanageable in size. Would love to hear your opinion about this.

An example: www.sonomastone.com.

If you have time to advise me on these rebuilds, I will be happy to upgrade my status as a tutorial client.

Am enjoying your work on the tutorials. I am an Adobe Muse refugee. Muse was fantastic for managing assets. Muse would allow you to resize and crop a photo within a picture box without altering the source file at all. When you published a Muse project, Muse would create and asset folder with all the images as cropped for the site while remembering the links to all the source files. If I changed a source file, Muse would alert me to that change and ask if I wanted to update the image on the site to reflect the change I had made to it.

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YES! That Muse thing of resizing and cropping to the picture box was a fantastic feature. I’d love to see that brought into Blocs.

I don’t know how concerned I should be about Blocs forgetting where my linked assets are. It doesn’t forget all of them, so I’m wondering if it has to do with something specific about how I link them. My nightmare is building a site with a hundred photos and having all those links vanish, but if I embed them all the Blocs file will be enormous.

And I’m sure the Muse team was an army with Adobe resources to back them. I’m real happy with what these Blocs guys made here. I probably spent a year making this choice. I’m all-in.

Why not used hosted assets?

Do you mean embedded? Way too many photos in the sites I’m rebuilding. The Blocs file would be huge. I think. Do you have a different opinion?

Embed and hosted are far from the same.

Easy tools for hosted assets are @Jannis repository manager bric or Forklift.



Understood, and thank-you. I’m not accustomed to having these problems with linked assets, but your links pointed me in a good direction. Oddly, the problem seems to have diminished on its own. I’m embedding small assets like logo files and branding elements while continuing to link to larger photos, and the links seem to be holding now. I have an unusual config. I’m running a MacPro desktop with 8 terrabytes of SSD internal. I partitioned 1TB for running all software, OS, applications, utilities, etc… 7T is used for data and client files, including all these photos.