Missing Hero Bloc Image & Volt CMS

Hey Bloc / Volt CMS users, I’m after a little help here.

I’m integrating Volt CMS into another client site. Everything was fine a week or so ago, but since I last opened the Blocs file and worked on the site we’ve had an update of Blocs and an update for Volt CMS.

Now - for some reason - when I preview or export the site, the background image in the hero bloc on the home page doesn’t show. I’ve looked at the code, and can see that the file is being referenced. It just doesn’t show. Everything else on the site works perfectly.

I’ve tried removing the Volt Core bric from the project and reinstalling it, but that didn’t fix it :frowning:

If you have any helpful suggestions of things that I can try, then please get in touch. Thanks!

I’ve had something similar once or twice even without Volt and found that removing a hero image and adding it again seemed to fix it. I also add background images in hero blocs using a custom class, so a different size can be applied on mobile.

Hi. Thanks for that @Flashman. Doesn’t matter what image I add to the background, none show up. If I add my background image to an image bric, it shows perfectly. It’s a strange one.

I’m going to have a go at recreating the hero bloc completely. Will also try your custom class idea.

When you try the custom class look at the background image section, click on the window and then drag across the image you want. That is transferred to all breakpoints, unless you change it manually, which is generally advisable for mobile. It was actually Norm who first advised me to do it that way and it’s a better way of working.

Just wondering if the image you are adding is local or hosted remotely.

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Image is hosted locally.

I’ve just copied a back-up of the file, that I made earlier in the month. Volt CMS Core updated itself as I opened the file, and the background image in the hero block on the home page displays perfectly.

There’s a bit of work from me to redo using this file, but that’ll probably be quicker than sitting here trying to work out why the background image suddenly won’t display.

Thanks for the background image class idea. I’ll give it a whirl :slight_smile:

Volt CMS cannot be the causing issue here.

@DerekDigital Remember the hero video not playing in preview mode if one of the pages is a PHP page, even if no Volt bric is inside the project.

You’re right @InStacks. Volt CMS was not the cause of my problem. I could open and preview the file without any problems on my back-up MacBook running Blocs, but it wasn’t exporting nicely. So I went back to a previously saved version of the site.

Everything is fixed now!

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