Missing .js

On startup I get a warning of 2 missing assets.
mresize.js. and
Any clues anyone?
Thanks in advance,

These are related to Card Designer. If you no longer have cards on the page you can remove them.

Remember when you add Brics to a page and remove them later you must remove and files they have added to the page manually.

This is an area I hope to see improved in Blocs api at some point. Where removing the last instance of a bric could give delete the associated files of the bric. Maybe optional or include a confirmation.


Hi @Whittfield.
Thanks. I have removed 1out of 4 cards.
If I removed the missing assets will it effect the remaining?
I can always delete the others and add them again.

Yes it will effect your remaining card. Since you do have a Card in the page you shouldn’t be seeing this behavior. I can test to see why this is happening and get back to you.


OK Ta. Are sfe-asos yours also?
Guess it’s scroll effects based. Can you send DM them?

Hi @apswoodwork
when I use Card Designer I get this two files …

Hi @Whittfield
Any news?

Hi, There shouldn’t be a missing file, everything is packaged in the bric. If you drop a bric on the page it gives you this message? Try adding default bric to the page and view it in browser for error

I’ll give it a try then delete the warning messages if all’s :ok_hand:

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