Missing video and global menu after 4.5.4 upgrade?

My (only site) was last update in May of 2022 and worked as expected. Today I upgraded to 4.5.4 in preparation for Blocs 5. When I opened the project in 4.5.4 the global menu system was missing on all pages. It does appear in the Menu Manager. The menu does appears in the preview left side bar of the pages but not on the page once selected.

Also all the video links on my video page are missing. They are Youtube based. They are also missing in the left side bar page of the video page.

The videos and global menu are currently still working normally on the previously published site.

I went into the file vault and opened the May project and got the attached message listing missing files. It does not appear that swipper or card designer impacted the published site via I believe 4.5.0 or so back in May.

However opening the project via 4.5.4 the May project displays the message but not the project when I opened after the 4.5.4 upgrade. If that makes any sense.

I seemed to recall that a Blocs software upgrade awhile back provided the ability to list updates available for plugins but I cannot find that in the menu or the icons.

I am running Blocs on a Mac Studio 12.6.1

Any help would be appreciated.


Anybody have an idea on what to do?