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Good afternoon everyone! I’m also a new user of the program and my questions may seem silly. But the situation is as follows: I am slowly building my company website and have come so far as to put it on a server. I put on and see such an unpleasant view - some videos are not active. See attachment “server”.
Although opening the index file in the exported folder is fine. This is shown in the second attachment “desktop folder”. Blocs 3.4.2

I cannot find the page on your website, but evidently there is a problem reaching the video assets. That could be down to SSL issues at a guess. Are all the videos hosted on your server?

test page adress is : zukovskis.com/sfx_lapa and, yess all videos are on my web server.

I don’t see a single video, nor do they appear as listed resources in developer tools. There is no reference to them I can see in the page code either. From what I can tell there are no videos.

but with right mouse button I can select “copy video adress” and open it in new window!?

maybe problem is in letter what Iusein filenames - ā, ū, š…?

Perhaps, I just tried randomly right clicking on the web page and there was no option to download a video. I saved the page to my desktop, opened it in BBEdit and found no mention of a video anywhere on the page. It’s like you haven’t added any videos.

I change all “wrong” file names and upload page again…let’s see!

I don’t see videos to right click on and nothing in the source code suggests they are present.

This is the link


Looks like he is having server issues.

@Juris. you have a lot of server 503 errors on that page

Thats interesting @Flashman, I can load the page, the assets don’t. Im using Safari.

OK in Safari I am seeing something similar to @Juris

Very strange to be giving such different results between Brave and Safari.

The pages you are using Vimeo videos from look to be loading fine, just the one where you are hosting your own videos.

Are you sure they are on the server?

Good morning!
I find problem! Latvian letters in filenames, like ā, ū, ē, š, ž …etc.I change all filenames, then replace assets and finally everything works. Server errors, in my opinion, came from bad internet. I couldn’t upload files for a long time. Now it looks like this: http://zukovskis.com/sfxtests/sfxtests/outdoor-smoke.html.
Thank you for your involvement in my troubles.


lol That was going to be my next question about special characters in the file name. Not the first time its happened.

Whats with the big empty space at the bottom of every page?

Jep, my mistake. There is empty block in the footer.

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