Mix of Blocs & old WP site

Hi all,

I have been contacted from a company who make medical products and they have a huge section of their products all in Wordpress using WooCommerce.

Now they have around 5 pages all about their company which they want to spruce up and build it a bit like another website I did on their live stream website which was different, but they loved it.

Now I can create the pages, but they would like the rest to stay in WooCommerce.

Is it possible to create 5 new pages in Blocs and leave the equipment pages the same in WP?

Any WP experts such as @brechtryckaert able to offer any advice!..I do think they are using Divi or Oxygen.

Wonder how the best way…or would it be to create the theme in Blocs Plus and add the WooCommerce pages in…hmmmmmmm or just learn Divi!

Hi @AdieJAM

Sorry for the delayed reply. Had some extremely busy days.

If it’s Divi, the solution could be a bit of both.

Technically, if it is built in Divi, you could replace the Divi theme with a Blocs Plus built theme and just install the “Divi Builder” plugin (available from the Elegant Themes member area).
That way the customer can still determine the layout of the content using Divi’s editor, while the global style will be dictated by what you build in Blocs Plus.

As for building the 5 new pages:
I’d declare them as template-pages. That way you can create a new page and use this design as a template, triggering your design to be used while not affecting all other content.