Mixcloud Embed Console Errors

I use Mixcloud for my audio broadcasts, creating a custom Bric that utilizes their HTML embed code which I can then apply to pages where audio work is featured. When I preview my site in Blocs I get a series of 404 errors in the console that suggests the Mixcloud API may not be functioning correctly, even while it still works. I have contacted Mixcloud as well as my host and CDN providers, and issued this as a potential bug with Blocs just to cover those bases.

Does anyone else use Mixcloud on their site in this manner and have you run into similar errors.

Thanks in advance!


Hello @blocman94 did you follow this instructions?


Yep. Won’t work unless you use their embed code. Again, the streams are working, it’s just that the 404 errors remain within the Blocs console which is odd. One would think if the API can’t find certain pages it would break.