Mixcloud Previews Gone?

Both Blocs 3.4.5 and 3.4.6 b2 no longer provide a preview for the Mixcloud embed players I use on a regular basis. Not a deal breaker but certainly inconvenient as I lay out pages moving forward. I’ve been creating custom Brics (with the specific HTML embed code) for each of the broadcasts I post and then apply the Bric on the page where the show is posted. Usually the embed uses an API that calls back to Mixcloud for the imagery etc. Perhaps there’s another way to do this that’s better. Otherwise I’d appreciate any feedback on what might have changed in Blocs to stop the players from being displayed.

Mixcloud Player

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Apparently many other embedded players are no longer previewing as well. Here’s an example with Mixcloud, YouTube and Vimeo. @Norm do you have any sense of what changed in the last couple of updates that might have caused this? Is there another way of using embed HTML that is a constructvie workaround?

If you refer to the release notes for version 3.4.5 you will see the following: “iFrames are no longer rendered in app as they can cause app to crash”. Norm removed this for greater stablity, however when you switch to preview mode you will see the iFrame rendered correctly.

Thanks @David. It’s unfortunately though since I rely on embedded features more than most and the precise spacing and positioning content can already be tricky in Blocs. But, ce la vie.

Hello @blocman94 you have two different ways of doing it:

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So there are the ways:

  1. In html bric insert this code:
<object data="http://blocsapp.com" width="600" height="400">
    <embed src="http://blocsapp.com" width="600" height="400"> 
    Error: Embedded data could not be displayed.
  1. Or insert this code:
<embed src="http://blocsapp.com" width="200" height="200" onerror="alert('URL invalid !!');">

You can see about this here.

I use this way because sometimes, I need to see while I’m creating my websites, what is the result with layouts and colors. So I use this code only “temporarily” and in the end when I export I change to iframe. But some times I forgot to change and they work very well…

Hope it helps you.


Hey @Pealco,

Thank you so much! The second option worked best and was easiest to configure for use on my sites. Really appreciate it.


Update: I had to go back to using the iFrame embed code since the player wasn’t showing up on some users browsers when I switched to the embed example you graciously provided. C’est la vie.

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