Mixing image rotations in slideshow

I have a need to put photographs of both portrait and landscape orientation into the same slideshow. Is it possible to do this and end up with all the images the same height but with different widths? eg. 1200w x 600h and 300w x 600h

deleted post.

Casey1823 Thank you for your post. Unfortunately it was deleted before I read it :frowning: Anyway, I eventually solved the problem by putting the 300W x 600h images on a 1200 w x 600h background that matches my page background. Works but is tedious. I would be interested in a better solution if anyone has one.

That is exacting how I would do a slideshow carousel. Yes it’s a little tedious but when your using different orientation images it the best way I’ve found. I’ve even put two portrait images in to take up some white space. Sorry for the deleted post, I got called away and I forget to finish the post.