Mixing M1 and Intel with Blocs

My main computer right now is a 2018 Mac mini running Big Sur. The old Mac Pro with Mojave is going to be phased out during the next few months and I’ll likely pick up a new M1 or whatever is available later in the year.

Is anybody out there working on Blocs projects using both processors and has it caused any issues? I know it should be fine in theory, but I wondered if there might be glitches from this combination.

I may even keep the mini here and have the second computer at the other house, but in any case it would all be synched through iCloud. Is Blocs running smoothly at this point on the M1 machines?

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No issues :+1:


Hi @Flashman, I’ve no issues at all with swapping processors daily.


I’ve patched a lot of issues with M1, Blocs is running pretty smooth on those Macs now. Now doubt other issues may crop up in the next big OS update but I’ll get those fixed up pretty fast.


I got myself a very nice M1 MBP to replace my old 2012 MBP. What a giant step. And Blocs runs like a charm! So I am a very happy Blocser…

I have read that M2 processors have gone into production, though not sure when they’ll be available or on what models. If I buy another machine I want to think it will handle whatever I throw at it for at least five years.

To pay for this I shall build a monument to the outgoing Mac Pro in the front garden and charge tourists to see it.