Mobil Zoom vs. Fixed Viewport

Hello. I can’t find any info on this… but in the page settings you can check “Allow Mobile Zoom” and “Fixed Viewport.” What’s the difference?

Hi @anapantz

Hello. Thank you for responding. I had already seen the Fixed Viewport definition. So what is the Mobil Zoom? It sounds like the same thing, but I can’t find an info on it anywhere…

Actually I think this is a very good question and could do with an explanation in the user docs @Norm

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Oh yeah. No mention. I had a quick play and couldn’t figure out what it actually did.

We are all curious now @Norm

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I could be wrong, but I know in an old work I create a web app for mobile and that option make that 2 clicks in the webpage in a mobile device not zoom.

If you open a normal page in a mobile device and you tap 2 times in the page, Or make the pinch gesture the page zooms, with that option disable I disable that function. It was about a year so no confirmation.

Interesting. Hmmm… I’ll check that out. Thank you for responding. I hope the Blocs folks put the info in the documentation here online. :sunglasses:

Those page settings really need tooltips with brief explanations on hover.


Well out of curiosity I just tried it without fixed viewport selected and it looks fine on desktop but tiny on mobile just like a site that hasn’t been set up for responsive viewing, so I suggest you always leave that selected. The description in the knowledgebase gives a slightly misleading impression.

The mobile zoom literally allows you to pinch and zoom on the page. For most cases you will want to select both options.