Mobile menu navigation


In the mobile navigation - my dropdowns do not shift the items down as you would expect to occur when selected. Instead, a dropdown box appears when selected.

Is there a setting for this?

Hello @bourne, for me this works like expected. Try it once with a new project, so you know already if it is your project which has a problem or you have a general problem with blocs. After that you should probably open a ticket:

Thanks @webplus

I started a new project and it is still occurring. I have attached a pic to show what happens when I select a drop down on mobile

Hello @bourne, can you please send me this project, so I can test, if I have the same behavior here

Hello @webplus , the same thing happens to me too. In fact I find many reactions that differ in the menu system, even the menu can not be established in the left alignment of the screen. :frowning:

MRC 2019.bloc (724.9 KB)

I attached a test so you can review it.

A million thanks for your help.

Are there any updates regarding this? Is this a known bug? Or just how it has to be?

I think only @norm could answer if this is the intended behaviour or a bug.